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trucchi'sA Facilities Management Expertise


Eventually, every commercial roofing system must be replaced. But, with inspection, maintenance and repair, building owners can extend a roofing system’s life cycle to maximize their return on investment.


Our facilities management approach to commercial roof repair, preventive maintenance and re-roofing focuses on this return on investment.


Facilities Management grphic


Our clients trust our expertise and appreciate our ability to help them make informed repair and replacement decisions and avoid unpleasant, expensive roofing system emergencies. 


Our rooftop technical competence results in documentation and analysis that supports these consultations.


Facilities management has become an integral part of our customer relationships. We are successful with it because we understand its nature including;

  • How every problem requires analysis and consultation,
  • How problems need to be solved under budgetary constraints,
  • How to maintain facility operations during repair and re-roofing.


We focus on roofing and flashings, as well as how these systems are incorporated into a building’s structure to create a weatherproof envelope that continues to perform over time.


Flagship Roofing’s principals have over 60 years experience in roofing and sheet metal applications, two extremely important components of the building envelope. The knowledge and experience of our principals and of our highly skilled employees gives our building owner and manager clients confidence in the roofing systems we repair, maintain and install.


Roofing System Repair/Restoration
To prolong the life cycle of our customers’ roofing systems and maintain our customer relationships, we have made a specialty of our roofing system repair capabilities including;

  • restoring older roofing systems to acceptable levels of performance and ongoing maintenance expense
  • being available by phone 24/7 to deal with emergencies
  • leak detection and roofing system repair
  • complex flashing issues
  • warranted repair work for most roofing system manufacturers
  • maintaining the integrity of a roofing system during mechanical unit installation


Preventative Maintenance
The key element to our facility asset management process is having professionals inspect those assets on a regular basis. On a periodic schedule determined with the building owner or manager we do the following;

  • Inspect the entire roofing system including flashings, drains or gutters and leaders, masonry, etc.
  • Document each inspection (roof plan, inspection forms, and photo documentation). Each technician carries a digital camera to document noteworthy roof conditions. Digital photos are included with inspection reports.
  • Perform infrared testing as needed to provide thermal energy reports to identify moisture within a roof system
  • Remove all debris, clean gutters, leaders and drains
  • Make minor repairs at the time of inspection.
  • Provide estimates for roof repairs (or replacement if necessary)
  • Comply with and document compliance with the maintenance requirements of any roofing system manufacturer warranties in effect.


In addition to the information gathered during roof inspections, we emphasize the importance of maintaining warranty, design, installer, as-built materials data, and repair history information and assist in the compilation of this data.


Planned Replacement
With all of the above, our facility management clients know years ahead of when one of their roofing systems will have to be replaced and what its projected expense will be.

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